by Mason McDonald - 10 m - USA

A serial killer goes about his evening routine until it's interrupted by an uninvited guest.

The Hunter
by Andrew Cronin - 8 m - USA

When John treks into the woods for one of his late night hunting excursions he's met with more than just the thrill of the catch.

by Celine Held, Logan George - 11 m - USA

Vanessa and Danny are down on their luck, so when an unlikely can of Unica brand beans falls to their kitchen floor, they aim to squeeze out every penny.

by Chuong Vo - 15 m - Australia

Two brothers must work together to escape a masked killer in a house invasion.

by Jeff Fuller  - 7 m - USA

All Nail wants is to make his father proud. But when his father takes him hunting for the first time, things don't go quite as planned. Now Nail's rite of passage could be a passage right to Hell.

by Drew Macdonald - 12 m - Australia

After a night out, a young woman is unknowingly followed into her home by her "ride-share" driver - resulting in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that explores the lengths people will go to connect in the modern world.

by Sébastien Vaniček - 13 m - France

Michel, subject to violent hallucinations, must overcome the imminence of death during his extradition flight towards United States. He will face head-front his delusions, the other passengers’ judgment, the firmness of US-law enforcement and the stress of an imminent crash. Way too much for this weak, aging and disturbed man…

Straight Creepin' shorts Program Ten

7:30 pm - Saturday, October 27, 2018

at Synchronicity Theatre