(94m, USA) dir. by Glenn Douglas Packard

​Screens: 8:45 pm - Sunday, 10/16 at Mammal Gallery

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This disturbing, intense horror film explores the struggle a mind endures as it seeks to learn the concepts of love. The way these concepts are taught from parents can have profound results and spin sanity into an endless maze. The trauma of this maze is confusion and uncertain at its beginning. Lost before the end, it buries the mind and soul into the coldest, darkest shadows of insanity. The story is held together through the trauma and disturbance of the most insane results when love goes awry.

It begins when a student living in NYC brings his friends home to meet his parents. He has a secret to share with his very conservative parents and recruits the support of his best friends. They quickly learn that sometimes older secrets are more deadly. There is a history between his family and the neighbors. That history started when a boy's last thread to all care from life was snapped. He became captive to his brutal family's twisted views on family, love, and life. Their view is a dark, disturbing, and terrorizing view that causes a voracious detachment. 

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