by Chris Hunt - 9 m - USA

A dead man speaks from beyond the grave and his childhood friends-turn-close but troubled business partners must unravel the mystery of his disappearance.

Head Trip
by Nick Madden - 8 m - USA

A mysterious driver with an even more mysterious cargo commits a gruesome act.

by Rob Sorensen - 18 m - USA

After intercepting a letter, addressed to his wife, written by his mistress, Wren, Curtis is forced to confront Wren and end their relationship before a strange, supernatural force destroys what's left of his family.

Local shorts Program Eight

7:15 pm - Friday, October 26, 2018

at Synchronicity Theatre

by Nicole Lehrman -  23 m - USA

Sarah, newly pregnant, is left home alone after her beloved Ash leaves the country to visit family. Before long, dread and paranoia creep up on Sarah as she awaits a call from Ash, and something insidious begins to follow her body and mind.

Apples & Oranges
by Ryan Buffa - 20 m - USA

A coming of age story about River, a preteen girl living in a trailer park in rural Texas, who is left alone for the evening and is forced to confront her abuser. Although she is isolated, she gathers strength from the lessons she has learned from her mother and grandmother.

by Melissa Kunnap - 8 m - USA

Pilar and Forest host an annual dinner party and have invited a new guest, their eager IT intern Will, who thinks he's climbing the social ladder. What was supposed to be a fun evening of champagne and networking turns into an uncomfortable dinner party.