October 28 - 30, 2015 at doogallery

Lady Psycho Killer 

(81m, U S A) dir. by Nathan Oliver

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Screens: 2:30 PM Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lady Psycho Killer is a darkly funny subversive social commentary that takes place in quiet Small Town USA. The central character of the film is Ella, an sheltered young adult just beginning her first year of University studies under the intimidating and bristly psychology professor, Dr. Douglas. Her first assignment of her academic career is to break a "sexual norm".
A gruesome encounter at a strip club unfolds and allows Ella to discover her inner bloodlust.
Without truly knowing what she will be doing to complete this assignment, she asks for advice from her next door neighbor Gerald. Ella stabs Gerald to death and discovers she has an insatiable sexual bloodlust after her crime. This sends Ella into a deep dark spiral that no one can pull her from. Even Daniel, a boy in her class who has a serious crush on her, cannot get her to come back to reality.

As Ella's murders begin to escalate from seductive opportunity to outright slaughter, her mother Patricia catches that her daughter is psychotic. This does not bother Patricia in the least, since she developed her own psychosis after her troubled relationship with Ella's serial killer father.
In the last moments of the film, Ella recounts her experience as a female serial killer to her class and Professor Douglas. She no longer is sheltered but oozes with animalistic impulse and sexuality.