Post Mortem Mary
by Joshua Long - 10 m, Australia

Mary and her mother run a post-mortem photography business in 1840's Australia. They arrive to a small farmhouse to find devastated parents grieving over the death of their daughter but as they get to work Mary's mother is required to comfort the grieving parent, leaving Mary alone to confronts her phobia she must do all she can to make the dead look alive.

by Brian Patrick Lim - 15 m - Philippines

There’s a haunting in the house. However, things are not what they seem. Marian soon finds out that the horror inside is more familiar than she thinks.

The Dark Room
by Morgane Segaert  - 20 m - France

France, 1910. As her mother suffers from a mysterious illness that she intends to hide, the young Cassandre feels a growing presence in her home ... What shadow hides in the silence of the dark room?

Where Monster Hides
by Fernando Rivera  - 8 m - USA

Nostalgia quickly turns to fear when a young man realizes his apartment resembles drawings from a monster book he made as a child.

by Iván Sáinz-Pardo - 4 m - Germany, Spain

Dawn. A baby breaks the silence.

Something in the Darkness  
by Fran Casanova - 14 m - Spain

Veronica is a 6 year old girl who is trying to overcome her fear of the dark.

Every night, her mum gets her to sleep with the reading of her favorite story. However, this time something is different…this time there is something in the darkness.

Kid Fears shorts Program Five

2:30 pm - Friday, October 26, 2018

at Synchronicity Theatre