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I Am The Monster
7:00 pm - Thursday, October 13, 2016 at Plaza Theatre

80 min. TRT

The Corpse Series
(29m, United Kingdom) dir by James Button
Dan's patience is tested when his idiotic housemate James murders someone and the two must work together to get rid of the evidence.

(15m, France) dir by Ludovic De Gaillande
While several murders bloodying Paris, a German photographer feels persecuted by an unseen presence…

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham
(13m, Australia) dir by Matthew Richards
Willie Bingham is the first man to undergo a radical new justice program. The government has introduced Progressive Amputation as a punishment for capital crime — the real life version of ‘an eye for an eye’. The controversial procedures, performed live in front of victims’ families, stop only at their request.

2 x 4
(4m, U S A) dir. by Montana Bertoletti
A pain addict tells us his life changing story. Or does he?

Murder Springs: Chapter One
(5m, U S A) dir. by Adam Van Dyke
Roger and Margaret, are an elderly couple that rekindle their lost spark after a grisly driving accident.

(7m, USA) dir by Yiyi Yin
After being kidnapped and imprisoned with his sister for forty-two days, a teenage boy lets his inhuman thirst get the best of him.

(7m, U S A) dir. by Jeremy Garcia
A weary Conquistador Monster Hunter must come to terms with who he is and face what could be his last foe.