Attack of the Potato Clock
by Victoria Lopez, Ji young Na - 3 m - USA

Set in an 80's elementary school, our film tells the story about a mutated potato clock that rises from death in a stormy day to get revenge on the cafeteria lunch lady who is chopping potatoes, creatures of his own kind.

We Summoned A Demon
by Chris McInroy - 6 m - USA

They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.

We Got a Monkey's Paw
by Zack Ogle - 9 m - USA

Things get hairy when Zack convinces his roomate Jakki to spend the day making wishes on a Monkey’s Paw. Soon the two find themselves doing backflips trying to undo the cataclysmic series of events they’ve set off. Ghost brides, demon boxes, dead-y bears, oh my! This paw is definitely in the wrong hands.

Horror Comedy shorts Program Nine

6:00 pm - Saturday, October 27, 2018

at Synchronicity Theatre

Blood Shed
by James Moran - 13 m - United Kingdom

Jack loves a bargain. And he loves sheds. When he buys suspiciously cheap second-hand parts to build his very own dream shed, he and long-suffering wife Helen get more than they bargained for: a killer shed with an appetite for blood. As the body count rises, and the shed’s ferocious appetite grows, Jack is faced with a horrifying dilemma. A comedy horror about a man’s twisted love for his shed… that eats people.

The Box
by Adam Collins - 10 m - Ireland

Driving down a dark country road, Niall picks up a strange man who's cradling a mysterious cardboard box.

The Devil's Due
by Ryan LaPlante - 4 m - Canada

The Devil made this film. He made it just for you. Don't you want to hear what he has to say?

by Joe Boothe - 10 m - USA

A flaky delivery driver's night veers off course when he stumbles into a lover's quarrel gone wrong.

Inside The House
by Jennifer Bonior , Dycee Wildman - 4 m - USA

It's best to keep your eyes open when you're home alone.

by Mike Leffingwell - 14 m - USA

An animal lover accidentally runs over a squirrel who then returns to torment him.