Dawn Of Man
by Victor Ridaura - 6 m - USA

A kidnapper has a plan to take the world back from the vampires.

by Brian Zahm - 2 m - USA

Two women in the throes of lust. One predator. One prey. Savagery and sensuality coalesce in a transcendental way.

Trapped Inside
by Usher Morgan - 11 m - USA

Macy Nash wakes up after nearly drowning in the tub to find herself locked inside a dark and eerie bathroom. Things quickly go from bad to worse as she realizes that there's something else in the room with her.

Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead
by Tristan Roache-Turner  7 m - Australia

A girl, trapped in an underground bunker with a psychotically evil doctor and a group of zombie-blending soldiers, must orchestrate a fantastically daring escape before her brains are sucked out of her skull.

Black Eyed Child
by Tony Morales - 9 m  - Spain

Since 1998 the appearances of the BEC has been constant, and the consequences of looking directly into their eyes has been irreversible. A terminally ill women will receive a visit from a BEC, who will not come alone on a stormy night, who will be accompanied by a malignant entity.

by Alberto Corredor Marina - 15 m - United Kingdom

Kevin is haunted by grief and has questions that only the recently deceased can answer. His search takes him to the most unremarkable of locations, a grotty storage room at the back of a rundown pub. However, what he finds there is anything but unremarkable.

A Life Hereafter
Jack Benjamin Gill - 3 m -  United Kingdom

Witness the final fleeting hours in the half-life of a figure tormented by both his past and unrelenting future - A Life Hereafter

Evil Entity shorts Program Eleven

9:15 pm - Saturday, October 27, 2018

at Synchronicity Theatre

The Last Seance
by Laura Kulik - 15 m - USA

Over the course of one terrifying seance, two sisters must defeat an evil demon.

by Josh Carley - 11 m - USA

Henry Mathis, a blogger, interviews Jodi Brooks about her transcendental experiences involving her husband, his dreams, and their deceased daughter.