Dirty Fingernails : Zombie Shorts   -  83 min.

​6:30 PM - Friday, October 30, 2015

I Dare You 

(16m, Israel) dir. by Eli Klein
An enigmatic plague erupts and proves unstoppable as the dead suddenly resurrect and contaminate the living. The army begins executing the infected to stop the outbreak. Eventually the situation is controlled and life returns to normality, or so it seems... 


(9m, Canada) dir. by Brittany Lum-Cho
A dialogue free film about a boy, a zombie, and love at first bite.


(24m, Denmark) dir. by Jonas Ussing
The rotten are walking the streets of Denmark


(6m, USA ) dir. by Jordan James Smith, Trent Atkinson
Two girls strive to find a meaning to their brain dead existence amidst the monotony of daily life as twenty somethings in Los Angeles.


(16m, U S A) dir. by AJ Caruso
Zack, a horror fanatic, amateur prepper and his partner Jess face the realization of the ultimate apocalyptic event, only to find that things are nothing like anyone had predicted. Together with their house guests, they must find their way out of this horrifying dilemma as all preparations prove useless.

Life After Death 

(12m, U S A) dir. by Patrick Peacock
A scheming wife plots to profit from a life insurance policy on her deceased but re-animated husband.

October 28 - 30, 2015 at doogallery