In The Dark
Director Bronson Allen - Canada - 12 min. - Horror

The story of a charming date that takes a nightmarish turn when the lights go out…

Director Patrick Hanser - Brazil - 18 min. - Psychological Horror

After the death of her mother, a 10 year old girl has gone quiet and her aching father must confront grief in its most nefarious form.

The Gift
Director Farbod Ardebili - USA - 7 min. - Sci-Fi

No one knows why the aliens came or why they never made contact. But when their true intentions are revealed, an unspeakable tragedy unfolds.

Only Kids See Ghosts
Director Anthony Alyassi - USA - 10 min. - Horror

A Mexican-American immigrant deals with the terrors of sleep deprivation.

Director Alexandra Pechman - USA - 4 min. - Psychological Horror

A woman struggles with her lifelong fear of home invasion.

Director Michael Skanes - USA - 8 min. - Supernatural

A single mother struggles to take care of her baby while haunted by a dark spirit.

Director Justin Suttles - USA  - 8 min. - ExpERIEmental

A woman flees from sinister forces, caught somewhere between a fairy tale and a waking nightmare.

Pillow Talk
Director David B Jacobs - USA - 5 min. - Paranormal

A man finds himself in bed with a strange woman, but will soon question whether or not she's human.

​Pillow Stalk
Director Jorge Lucas - USA - 8 min. -  Horror 

Ryan is trying really hard to forget about his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, her old pillow won't let that happen.