Director Roman Vieira - USA - 3 min. - USA 

A couple’s late-night conversation goes awry.

Director Simon Matthew Valentine - Norway - 18 min. - Dark Drama

As a young urban couple on a working holiday hopes to connect with nature at Tistlebu farm, a primordial power comes into play, changing them both forever.

Director Tom W. Metz III - USA - 13 min. - Horror 

Trapped in his strangely unnatural house, time and reality blur for Max as he desperately unravels the mystery of his missing family.

Everbliss Inn
Director Kays Al-Aktrachi - USA - 27 min. - Horror 

Jackson and Kate, while en-route to visit his parents, decide to spend a night at Everbliss Inn -- an idyllic bed-and-breakfast deep in rural Georgia. Kate develops an immediate connection to the inn and its quirky-but-well-natured host Gwendolyn, while Jackson begins experiencing strange happenings that seem to point to a much more sinister nature hiding beneath the tranquil facade.

The Portrait
Director Diana Caro - Spain - 15 min - Psychological Horror

The night her love dies, a painter wants to make a portrait of her before the day comes and they take her away, fighting her pain and her own artistic blockage. When he is giving the last brushstrokes, it seems that she is not dead.