The Wallpaper Man
Director Amit Gupta - USA - 7 min. - Monster

A young girl moves into a new home with her abusive father after the tragic death of her mother. There, living within the walls is a creature who offers Emma the ultimate deal: he will take away her pain, in exchange for human life.

The Trunk
Director Travis Laidlaw- Canada - 14 min. - Horror

A father and daughter find a chained up old chest hidden in the woods. They bring it home with plans to sell its contents, but quickly discover that what's inside was locked up for a reason.



10:30 PM SUNDAY OCTOBER 9, 2022


St. Augustine
Director Andy Kastelic - USA - 15 min. - Dark Drama

Compelled by loneliness, two vampires set out to reclaim the child they gave up for adoption.

Give It Back
Director Andy Scott - USA - 5 min. - Paranormal

Two siblings pack up their childhood home and rediscover a memory that wants something back.

Director Dawson Taylor - USA - 12 min. - Horror

A woman ventures to meet her biological parents, only to find they dress and act like foxes, and are dead set on her rejoining the family.

Who Goes There
Director Matthew James Fackrell - USA - 15 min. - Horror

Sometimes the dead want to take you with them.

The Living
Director Cleo Handler - USA - 13 min. - Horror Comedy

A vampire with an addictive personality finds a therapist to help him kick his blood habit.