Special Delivery
Director Andrew Melzer - USA - 5 min. 

A young couple's life is turned upside down by the most terrifying visitor imaginable.

​Happy Anniversary
Director Lanese Love - USA - 5 min. 

A queer couple celebrating their relationship crosses paths with a clan of vampires.

A New Day

(Brought to You by Horizon Research Systems)
Director Nate Southard - USA - 4 min. 

At Horizon Research Systems, we pride ourselves on helping you achieve the life of your dreams - the life you deserve. Also, we may owe you a few apologies…

The Promotion
Directors A.K. Espada, Phil Cheney - USA - 4 min. 

Two office drones work late into the night, competing for a truly killer promotion.

She Wasn't Funny Before
Director Sebastian Karantonis - USA - 9 min. 

An assault survivor takes an unusual route into the hilarious world of prop comedy.

Director Chris McInroy - USA - 8 min.

A guy with his guts on the outside of his body really wants a promotion.

SCREAM Revelations
Director Blake Studwell - USA - 7 min. 

The body count rises after a group of friends watch the original Scream movie.

​Patricia Sterling
Director Drew Fuller - USA - 3 min. 

A bored, affluent woman sets out to fill the void in her life by sadistically tackling a "Worst Ways to Die" list she finds on the internet.

The Foul
Director James Button -  United Kingdom - 4 min. 

Someone has to do something about all that dog sh*t.
A corporate public information film about the importance of cleaning up after your dog.

The Day The Pubs Re-Opened
Director Kilian Pettit - Ireland - 3 min. 

As the economy re-opens, beer-thirsty Corkonians re-emerge from their zombified hibernation...

You Are Trash!
Directors Andy Koeger, Dan Frantz - USA - 7 min. 

An overworked millennial neglects the unsustainable waste he creates on a typical work day, until he can't ignore the catastrophe any longer.

​The Apology
Director Marcella Angone -  USA - 5 min. 

Three friends reunite in this thrilling short film that will give you nightmares or at least a few laughs.

13 Callaway Place
Director Jesse James Hennessy -  USA - 3 min. 

Barry and Laura drive out to interview a secluded Claire Eastman, survivor of a serial killer rampage, for their soon to be best selling book about Final Girls.

What Wilderness Permits
Director Joel Marsh - USA - 16 min. 

After losing his dream job as a Park Ranger to government funding cuts, Russ McCoy slips into madness when he meets a city slicking couple backpacking for the first time.