LVCRFT - "Every Night"
Director Mitchell V Slan - USA - 4 min. - Music Video

Two Spirit Halloween customers get trapped inside the store with the LVCRFT Reaper. A funky, dance-crazed skeleton who just wants to dance with their lives…

​The Wolf
Directors Albin Glasell, Erik Engbo - Sweden - 4 min. - Horror Comedy 

A drunk city boy missed the last bus ride home at night and decided it was a good idea to take a shortcut through the dark, dense woods of Torup, Sweden. It was not a good idea.

The Wilds
Director Greig Johnson -  United Kingdom - 15 min. - Horror Comedy

The story of the day Anna Wild finally reconnects with her family; all thanks to a lycanthropy-based emergency.

Director Brian Norris - USA - 11 min. - Horror Comedy

Two misfit mobsters set out to bury a body, only to find her not quite dead yet.

Director Cullen Gray - USA - 2 min. - Horror

A man begins to realize something is lurking in the shadows around him.

Encounters: The Dinner Party
Directors Luke Pilgrim, Brad Kennedy - USA - 19 min. - Sci-Fi

Lana is a young professional who wants to make a great impression at her first company dinner party. After discovering she is the only employee invited, her creepy boss and his wife begin an intensive interrogation to prove that she is an extraterrestrial. Lana quickly discovers that impressing her boss might cost more than she bargained for.

Livin' After Midnight
Director Tom von Dohlen - USA - 14 min. - Horror-Comedy

Two queer vampires navigate the possibility of a relationship after accidentally hunting each other on a date.​

Heist Night
Director Angel Alvarez - USA - 8 min. - Horror

Three guys rob the wrong house!