Loose Ends
Director Shrader Thomas - USA - 12 min. - Horror 

While giving a tour of a murder house, a young woman must face more than just the morbid history of the house, but her own shattered past.

​Queen of Prey
Director Michael Conroy - USA - 9 min. - Psychological Horror

Joey and his girlfriend attend a high-class sex party. At the latter’s encouragement, he hooks up with a mysterious older woman who turns out to be more than human.

​We Got A Dog
Director Ryan Valdez - USA - 6 min. - Horror 

Morgan comes home to find her boyfriend Mason has decided to bring in a new pet.

The Changing Room
Director Sam Evenson - USA - 5 min. - Horror

A woman finds herself in a nightmarish trap after sneaking into a closed off changing room.

Song for the Pale
Director Ryan Valdez - USA - 5 min. - Horror

Hannah runs a popular podcast titled "Attached". She collects haunted items from her listeners to then do extensive research and create episodes explaining its origins and backstory. Until one day, Hannah receives an unmarked item from a listener that ends up leaving her speechless.

The Evil is Inside
Director Martin Sharpe - Australia - 12 min. - Thriller

A recently divorced father confides to a friend that he's been seeing demons in the family home.

The Sound
Director Jason-Christopher - USA - 7 min. - Horror

Two years after a woman experiences sudden hearing loss, strange things begin to happen.

Jump Start
Director Michael Lee Kimel - USA - 15 min. - Psychological Horror

A couple struggles to maintain their relationship and find themselves caught off guard by a strange man.


Director Michael Gene Conti - 18 min. - Horror

Two girls shadow a murder investigation to catch a serial killer before he takes his next victim.