7 Minutes in Hell
‚ÄčDirectors  Shane Spiegel, Justin Reager  - USA - 14 min. - Monster

Olivia and her friends sneak into an abandoned house to play a game of seven minutes in heaven. However things go from awkward to terrifying when the closet goes dark and they are attacked by a shapeshifting monster.

Director Nilton Martins - Luxembourg - 18 min. - Monster

The story of a mad scientist and his unorthodox approach to save the world from a deadly virus outbreak. Because the end justifies the means he isn't his above experimentation on all kinds of living or dead specimens.

Director Desmond Jackson - USA - 7 min. - Horror 

A habitual liar afraid of disclosing his sexuality is slowly killed by the lies he tells his friends.

Director Jason Branagan - Ireland - 13 min. - Supernatural

When a mute patient begins to recite a foreboding prayer, a child psychologist recognises the song as a harbinger of a monster he knows as The Tick Tock Man, leaving him to confront his own childhood and the circumstances surrounding his mother's untimely death.

Director Dylan Ashton - USA - 6 min. - Monster

A seaside home invasion turns sinister when a young mother discovers her intruders have risen from beneath the sea.

Dirty Laundry
Director Dominic Colucci - Australia - 15 min. - Monster

A man investigates the disappearance of his sock after doing laundry. The truth, he discovers, is much more terrifying than he imagined...or is it?

Director Joanna Tsanis - Canada - 7 min. - Horror 

When a young woman struggles to smile, her depression becomes something truly monstrous.