Director JC Andreu - USA - 12 min. - Thriller

A French student coming to the US for his studies is stopped by a border control officer who can't find any country that matches his passport. As he is taken away for interrogation, he learns that things are not always what they seem.

When You're Gone
Director Kristin Noriega - USA - 17 min. - Horror

In the midst of heartbreak and self-implosion, a lapsed writer turned party girl must learn what it truly means to face her pain when she's hunted by a subterranean mother and its brood.

Side C
Director Sid Singh - USA - 13 min. - Psychological Horror

An isolated man follows clues left on cassette tapes to locate his best friend, who has been missing for over a year.

Opening Night
Director Madison King - USA - 5 min. - Horror

A young couple have a run in with a spooky clown. 

Director Sarah de Groot - USA - 5 min. - Thriller

A young man must confront the personification of his worst fears in order to survive a bad acid trip.

s a strange bond with the insect. Until Paul comes home again.

Director Michael Feldsher - United Kingdom - 14 min. Dark Drama

Strange events unsettle an isolated man waiting for his wife to come home.

Keep the Light On
Director Freddie Paull - USA - 13 min. - Supernatural

During a wellness check, Fabien finds his estranged brother's house consumed by darkness, and lurking within the shadows the demons from his family's troubled past might no longer be alone.