Ugly on the Inside
Director Isaac Pharris - USA - 3 min. - Music Video

A slasher genre music video about 2 girls enjoying a walk in the woods until they become tormented by a masked villain.


Director Rafael De Leon - USA - 5 min. - Monster 

A graduate student interviews a young volunteer caregiver for his class project, but something isn't quite right.

Director Rob Himebaugh - USA - 6 min. - Dark Drama

A young woman realizes she's been catfished by her worst nightmare.

The Feast
Director Trent Shy - USA - 1 min. - Animation

A man enjoys a strange, but delicious, meal.

Black Hat, White Rabbit
Director Cullen Gray - USA - 9 min. - Horror 

An older sister (and begrudging babysitter) finds herself face to face with a sinister presence that's been long asleep inside of her childhood magician's kit.

Director Colin Earner - USA - 17 min. -  Horror

A young boy is dealing with the growing erratic and hostile behavior of his dementia afflicted grandmother. With her health rapidly deteriorating, he will bear witness to a cryptic family ritual involving a black ooze seeping tree stump and uncover a secret that stretches far back into the past.

Director Laura Ugolini - Norway - 7 min. - Horror 

Forget reality shows and Instagram beauties; a young girl's fantasy becomes the playground for a gang of women set to create the perfect man, one limb at a time.

Director Sam Rudykoff - Canada - 7 min. - Thriller 

We’ve all received scam phone calls, but what about the person making the calls? Cruise is a dark workplace satire about a hapless telemarketer trying mightily to give away a free cruise. And if he fails, there will be dire consequences.

Gut Instinct
Director Stuart Edgeworth - Australia - 9 min. - Psychological Horror

A young woman wakes to find herself waist deep in ice and cuffed in place. Struggling to break free, it becomes clear that the situation she's in is more complicated than first appears, but escape might be just within reach…

Director Tony Reames - USA - 6 min. - Horror Comedy

Relationships can be killer, but the best advice for a successful one, is patience and a short memory.

Neck Tattoo
Director Brett McNeill - Canada - 7 min. - Horror

A date reaches its climax when Scott explains to Sasha why he got a neck tattoo.