That Which Lingered
Director Albin Glasell - Sweden - 7 min. - Paranormal

A father and his daughter are visited by an unsettling and once familiar presence.

Breaking News
Director Taylor Conley - USA - 3 min. - Supernatural

A paranoid girl tries to stop the future after a news channel announces her mysterious disappearance.

​The Lady of the Lake
Director Zane Stephens - USA - 14 min. -  Supernatural

In 1958, Delia Parker Young’s car went missing while traveling on State Route 53 in Dawsonville, Georgia.  18 months later a local fisherman discovers a decomposing body beneath a bridge on Lake Lanier. She is now known as The Lady of the Lake.

Director S. H. Stewart - USA - 12 min. - Supernatural

A lone traveler experiences a night of terror while lost in a vast desert.

A Walk In The Park
Director Padraig Reynold - USA - 7 min. - Horror 

A late night walk in the park turns deadly after a mysterious phone call.

Get Out of There
Directors Matthew Barber, Nathaniel Barber - USA - 6 min. - Horror

After surviving a dangerous fall, an injured patrolman soon discovers that a dark supernatural presence is closing in on him.

Quality Time
Director Antonio Dal Mas - Italy - 6 min. - Horror

A young couple's winter vacation turns into a nightmare.

Smiley Face
Director François Ricard-Sheard - Canada - 10 min. - Monster

Three young women experience the nightmare of being devoured by a humanoid creature.

Director Cody Mobley - USA - 5 min. - Horror

A desert camping trip turns deadly when one of the campers returns to the group to find herself sitting at the campfire.

The Bottom
Directors Morgan Ruaidhrí O'Sullivan, James Kautz - USA - 9 min. -Psychological Horror

At the edge of a mysterious lake, a reckoning between friends becomes a fight for life - as one man’s mind games threatens the other’s grip on reality.