Director Rosalee Yagihara - Canada - 7 min. - Horror 

As romantic tensions consume Cote and her girlfriend, a pesky hangnail triggers a downward spiral into obsession.

Love is a Fire
Director Sofie Somoroff - USA - 12 min. - Gore

Soon after moving in together, a couple is forced to confront their challenges with intimacy, exacerbated by a toxic yeast infection and deep rooted insecurities, as their relationship slowly devolves.

Director Liz Manashil - USA - 11 min. - Horror Comedy

A broken-hearted teenager learns an important lesson about fidelity and family from an immersive Halloween experience that may or may not be organized by an actual witch.

I, Adonis
Director Angelo Raaijmakers - Netherlands - 15 min. - Dark Drama

Nicky’s world revolves around fitness, with the goal of getting bigger and stronger. But when hidden childhood memories emerge, Nicky starts losing control and his body obsession sets off in an unhealthy direction.

Director Aayushman Pandey - India - 7 min. - Animation

After a night of heavy drinking, a twenty year-old virgin stumbles into Mumbai's oldest brothel, where he encounters a mythical creature who turns his first sexual encounter on its head.

Director Chloe Spencer - USA - 12 min. - Psychological Horror

A teenage girl turns to Instagram models for advice on improving her life, and begins a series of dangerous self-inflicted body modifications.


Director Brian Ferenchik - USA - 10 min. - Horror

A young woman with body dysmorphia is stalked by a sinister presence in an instagram filter.