Director Jason Lockhart - USA - 18 min. - Horror

A short time after moving into a new house with a breathtaking view of a mountain lake, Tristan begins to show signs of depression and starts suffering from disturbing dreams.

​The Door
Director Hetong Zhang - China - 12 min. - Zombie Horror

After a critical zombie attack, the only survivor, officer Liu must face an investigation from his superior that reveals a painful fact, but the fact may remain mysterious even though his superior is satisfied by the end of the investigation.

Make It Out Alive
Director Christopher Flippo - USA - 7 min. - Horror Comedy

A man defends his house from two intruders. He digs deep and unlocks something within himself that he didn't even know existed.

​The Lion and the Firebird
Director Daniel Byers - USA - 23 min. - Dark Fantasy

An early human flees her tribe, pursued by a violent warband, the Lion Men. When she is inadvertently saved by one of the last Neanderthals, the two struggle to communicate and find trust. But when the Lion Men return, they become the key to one another's survival – and the future of humanity.

Super Host
Directors Dan M Frantz, Andy Koeger -  USA - 12 min. - Horror

An Airbnb host discovers an insidious spirit occupying her condo.

Director Daniel Denegre - USA - 13 min. - Sci-Fi

At the end of a dying world, two scavengers are running out of options. When they find a way out, one doesn't hesitate to take what she can. But when faced with her victim, she has to decide if her survival is what’s most important.