Dead Brenda 
Director Robert Flowers - USA - 7 min - Dark Drama

A brother and sister spend their last minutes together before getting nuked.

​Box on the Hill
Director Erik Odom - 8 min. - USA - Dark Drama

A man must come face to face with the dark choices of his past.

Paradise Vultures - Love is a Cancer
Director Ed Shiers - USA - 4 min. - Music Video

A band of misfits wreak destruction upon an unsuspecting trio of frat boys.

Slasher Squad
Directors Nathan Stone, Stu - Australia - 5 min. - Animated 

Home alone with a killer on the loose, a young woman must test her limits to survive the night.

Director Kyle Sullivan - USA - 12 min. - Horror 

What if the person of your dreams was really a nightmare? Bryan and Jamie are about to discover just how dangerous love can be during a lockdown.

Eat Your Vegetables
Director Matthew Brennan - USA - 8 min. - Dark Drama

While taking care of her catatonic husband, Gabby receives an unusual offer from a strange insurance agent.

Now Is Not The Time
Director Matthew Garvin - USA - 5 min. - Horror Comedy 

A dark secret from the past puts a couple's relationship to the test.

Mama's Watching
Director Dustin Curtis Murphy - United Kingdom - 11 min. - Psychological Horror

A young mother has to fend off the unwanted advances of her boss, triggering a traumatic childhood event involving a monstrous figure called Mama.

Director Maxwell Korn - USA - 2 min. - Supernatural 

A grieving man attempts to reconnect with the woman he lost.

Director Þorsteinn Sturla Gunnarsson - Iceland - 10 min. - Paranormal

A young woman struggles to cope with the death of her fiancé. She goes through life like a ghost and has isolated herself from everyone. One night, however, she begins to suspect that she is not as alone as she thought.

Director Marlene Emilia Rios - USA - 6 min. - Horror 

After a woman discovers her husband's secret affairs, she teams up with his mistress and bonds over their shared thirst for revenge.