Baby Monitor
Director Yasmin Neal - USA - 2 min. - Supernatural

Someone else is in the house... but which her is her?

Director Shane W. Brennan - Ireland - 10 min. 

A wannabe influencer follows her GPS through the maze of Ireland’s ancient roads, but gets stopped at a surprising temporary traffic light that won’t turn green.

Director John Poliquin - USA - 8 min. - Horror 

A paranoid woman uses a safety app to track recent crime in her new neighborhood, but when an alert shows a skeleton from her past, she'll learn that not even the app can keep her safe.

Director Jackson Stofka - USA - 6 min. - Thriller

An unresponsive boyfriend, a locked apartment, and a lone phone booth. Is Annie just paranoid or is danger around the corner?

Incoming Call...
Director  Wiley Jones - USA - 4 min. - Horror Comedy

When the mysterious killer calls, what would you do to save your best friend's life?

Return to Sender
Director Russell Goldmann - USA - 18 min. - Psychological Horror

From producer Jamie Lee Curtis comes a chilling short story about a woman involved in a delivery scam that grows increasingly strange.

I. The Void
Director Alexandros Papathanasopoulos - Greece - 6 min. - Music Video

An acid trip takes an eerie turn during a heavy metal apartment gig.

Director Aleksander Szeser - Poland - 16 min. - Paranormal

A routine evening of a young babysitter turns into a real nightmare when the AI system supervising the house begins to receive the secret commands of someone, or something, who is clearly dissatisfied with her presence in this house.

​Director Peter Morland Hutton - USA - 6 min. - Thriller

A late night drive takes a terrifying turn when a GPS warns of imminent death.