Director Jason Sheedy - 8 min. - USA

A lovelorn underdog buys a novelty meteorite as part of a romantic gesture to win his ex back, but when the mysterious gift proves to have a mind of its own, he must purge himself of the parasitic entity before it consumes him.

Good Head
Director Matt Servitto - 30 min. - USA

When Hollywood mega-star Cooper Bradley goes to a special effects lab in Atlanta to get his head molded--all hell breaks loose--and he has to not only get his head --but his very soul-- back from the VFX master who cast it.

Counting Down
Director Oya Babaoglu - 15 min. - USA

A young psychiatrist in 1875 is promoted to be the head doctor of the city asylum, but she has a secret, she suffers from arithmomania - a form of OCD where sufferers have a strong urge to count. She is committed to cure herself all on her own, but she only has one week. Can she succeed?

No Game Like Foxes
Director Raphael Arkera - 12 min. - USA

A man finds himself being stalked by a relentless killer, in a deadly game where humans are hunted for sport.

Directors Justin Solaiman, Hudson King - 14 min. - USA

A young trainee with aspirations to become a “pilot”, a form of enhanced human, takes one last evaluation before deciding to return home, but the interview untangles as she is forced to come to terms with a traumatic incident that occurred a year prior.

Director Kit Garchow - 10 min. - USA

Lexi, an overworked, shy young woman, has always had a hard time fitting in at work. So, when her coworkers accidentally let slip their plans for a party that evening, Lexi knows their forced invitation is not as welcome as they pretend. To avoid embarrassment, Lexi stays late at their vacant office. But the boundaries of her safe, normal reality implode when demonic whispers, playing on her deepest insecurities, trap her in a living nightmare...