​Zombie Walk
Director Rollyn Stafford - 7 min. - USA

A guy takes his zombie for a walk through post apocalyptic Downtown Portland, Oregon.

​They Sense Your Fear
Director Aramis Tatu - 2 min. - USA

In a post-apocalyptic world crawling with frightening immortal hybrids, a 7 year old boy, Ari, has to make wrenching life-or-death choices to survive -- for although the hybrids have no eyes or ears, they sense their prey’s fear.

Dead Quiet
Director Alex Withers - 9 min. - United Kingdom

Alone in a world gone silent, the last human struggles with the difference between survival and staying alive.

​The Last Men
Director Adrien Jeannot - 16 min. - France

The last man on earth is running away from the last zombie.

The Golden Man
Director Stimson Snead - 5 min. - USA

Even when the world is burning, the nuclear family continues unchanged. A brother and sister fight, and reconcile in this heartfelt music video, featuring the work of the band Fellow Robot.

Director Adrian Picard - 10 min. - USA

Leah is a 30-something single woman searching for love online in a world under siege. When the sanctuary of her home becomes a cage in which she’s hunted, the line between hopeful fantasy and stark reality gets blurred.

Father's Day
Director YuLun Wu - 6 min. - USA

John reluctantly visits his father on father's day. However, after entering the house, John discovered that his father has already become a zombie after a local virus crisis. John must deal with the zombie in the house,and make a decision.

Terrible Things
Director Ciarán Hickey - 10 min. - Ireland

Amidst the dead uninhabitable world of the future, the refuge of a forgotten country cottage affords a lone wanderer opportunity to acknowledge the lingering strands of her own humanity.

Director Oliver Crawford - 15 min. - United Kingdom

The year is 2048, A military-led government 'Hunter' unit is sent out to track down and eliminate an alien being, but very soon they realise all isn't what it seems.

Director Alexander J Baxter - 4 min. - Canada

A young couple flees from a horde of terrifyingly affectionate undead...