Logan Lee & the Rise of the Purple Dawn
Director Raymond C. Lai - 9 min. - USA

Turntablist Logan Lee is in love with his best friend, Beatrice Pan, and tonight, she's throwing a party! Now if only he wasn't so nervous. But not to fear, Auntie Bobbie is here with some of the rarest weed she's ever laid lungs on, Purple Dawn. Unfortunately, Logan soon discovers there's much more to this strain than its soothing effects.

The Lake Parasite
Director Joe Reilly - 15 min. - USA

Toxic waste runoff from a luxury resort creates a lake monster which wreaks havoc on the exclusive resort town.

​Heart Attack Man
Directors Taye Alvis, Jamie Rogers  - 9 min. - Canada

Roommates Nick and Dave are attacked by a masked, hulking figure that has broken into their house. You'd think that'd be the worst of their problems, right? Yeah. You'd think.

​Welcome to Our Home
Director Gregory M. Schroe - 8 min. - USA

When Brad brings his liberal girlfriend home to meet his conservative parents, tensions escalate and monsters are unleashed.

We Three Queens
Director Chris Agoston - 9 min. - Canada

When carolling all-stars We Three Queens wake up on Christmas Eve-- their most high stakes day of the year-- to discover they've been kidnapped, they'll have to engage in a battle of wit and song to negotiate their freedom before the clock strikes twelve.

​When I Explode
Director Angelo Raaijmakers - 7 min. - Netherlands

Chris' thirtieth Birthday party is turned upside down when he finds out there is a ticking bomb growing in his stomach. Bomb expert Alim is brought in to defuse both the bomb and the tension.

The Mill Creek Strangler
Director Aaron Egbert Allsop - 6 min. - USA

A woman obsessed with a local serial killer finally gets to meet him one night when he shows up to her house to kill her.

Hiya Janice
Director Rob Hayes - 7 min. - United Kingdom

Office worker Declan is constantly getting himself trapped in skin-crawling conversations with his co-worker Janice. When he's confronted with a nightmare scenario, Declan is forced to choose between a fate worse than death...and a fate worse than death.

​Fat Camp
Director Sacha Pavlovic - 16 min. - Canada

A group of husky gents attend a repurposed kids Fat Camp in hopes of shedding a few pounds and getting in shape. But when an ex-camper, believed to have drowned at the camp twenty years ago returns, determined to kill the hell out of everyone, the campers' shift focus from losing a little weight, to staying alive.

Director Anssi Määttä - 7 min. - Finland

A dark horror-comedy about people and behaviour in the middle of a national panic. Hannele is going out for a walk with her friend when suddenly a dense and dangerous fog rises. Hannele locks herself into her car, but her friend is stuck outside. Is there anything left to do?

​Strangers In The Night
Director Richard Keith Quintero - 20 min. - USA

A serial killer bored to death in Covid quarantine and desperate for a victim picks up an innocent hitchhiker, but what he thinks will be a quick and easy kill, turns into a long and challenging night.