Imaginary Portrait
Director Felipe Martinez Carbonell  -  14 min. - Argentina

Through the creation of a family portrait, a mentally imbalanced young artist connects with her dead mother to exact revenge on her ghoulish father and abusive grandfather.

Pale Blue Moon
 Director Hunter Melrose - 12 min. - USA

An old acquaintance re-enters the lives of a young, unsuspecting couple; his true intentions invade their relationship.

The Listener
Director Van Jensen - 5 min. - USA

A ruthless killer hunts a woman who can hear his thoughts.

Director Bret Miller - 13 min. - USA

While taking a final tour of an investment home, a distracted developer is horrified to discover that the deceased owner never left. And she never will.

Movie Night
Director Matt Rosenblatt - 7 min. - USA

On their first date a couple watches a bootleg movie.

Don't Be Afraid
Director Daniel Beals - 3 min. - USA

Haunted by her fears of a world rife with masks and disease, Lynn begs a neighbor to go pick up her meds for her, lest her worsening psychosis consume her -- and possibly others.

Director Daniel Byers - 15 min. - USA

Dori's sister is missing, and won't say why or where she's been. When Dori begins to investigate, she starts to worry someone might be after her. But what's coming for them is not of this world. Soon Dori is locked in a struggle for survival to save her sister from an unimaginable terror -- that can control gravity itself.

The Desecrated
Director John Gray - 8 min. - USA

A young morgue attendant working the night shift encounters an unwelcome visitor.

Director Natasha Arthur - 12 min. - Norway

Jacob meets an old acquaintance that forces him to reconcile his past. 

Director Oskar Johansson - 15 min. - Sweden

Five years ago, humanity lost their language. A woman and a man live alone in a large mansion. One day they get a visit from a stranger. Without being able to understand each other, they need to find out what the stranger wants before more visitors arrive.

This Is Our Home
Director A.K. Espada - 14 min. - USA

When a bleeding-heart vegan and her pragmatic roommate's rodent infestation intensifies, they find themselves at odds regarding methods that are inhumane yet effective.