While We Stayed Home
Director Gil Vesely - 5 min. - Israel

A boy meets a girl during the Coronavirus quarantine, each hiding a secret under his mask.

Director Harinarayan Rajeev - 6 min. - Canada

The film portrays a series of events unleashed in the lives of two individuals when one of them invites the other to a birthday party.

Bad Therapy
Director Mark D. Lee - 7 min. - USA

A young woman finds herself in a precarious situation when she follows a friendly stranger home.

County Road 83
Director Emory Pardun - 5 min. - USA

During a long and weary drive, Sam encounters a strange girl standing in the middle of an isolated road. As her peculiar behavior escalates, he makes the mistake of getting out of the car to help.

Home Before Midnight
Director Jacob Piller - 12 min. - USA

While Jessica and Brandon are heading to their school prom, he decides to take a detour to an abandoned barn so they can get some “alone time”.Unfortunately for them, they aren’t the only ones hiding in the barn. Someone is watching, someone is waiting, and someone is out for blood.

Director Ryan Buffa - 13 min. - USA

Sweetheart is forced to confront her past traumas when she discovers a wounded young woman on the road.

Director Isaac Carlton - 4 min. - USA

After a strange encounter in an elevator, a businesswoman is convinced she is being followed.

Director Josh Minyard - 16 min. - USA

A hunting trip doesn't go as planned.

Director J. Zachary Thurman - 6 min. - USA

A female jogger is approached by a strange man in the woods.