​​Sundown Town
Director Mylo Butler - 10 min. - USA

Bryce & Mitchell's trip home is disrupted after making a pit stop in a mysteriously unwelcoming town.

Fright Night Murder Bike
Director Justin West - 4 min. - USA

After a long shift, a detective finds himself in an alley pondering "The Big One".

Kill Them With Kindness
Director Steven Demmler - 13 min. - USA

Aubrey is finished being bullied. With encouragement from Karen, the love of her life, she intends to set herself on a new path. She resolves to kill her enemies with kindness.

For Sale
Director Francesco Gabriele - 15 min. - United Kingdom

Time seems to stand still for a village hidden in the mountains until a colourful couple in search of a second-hand TV set disturbs its silence. Once in the home of Mr Levi, the only apparent habitant, the two lovers, Luca and Carla, reveal their true intentions. But why is the town so very, very quiet?

Witch Hunt
Director Evan Gorski  - 9 min. - USA

A vengeful keyboard warrior falls victim to his own game after a mysterious visitor arrives at his door.

Director John Stevenson - 22 min. - USA

A female martial arts instructor tries to track down a trio of serial rapists who may or may not exist.

Director Ashlea Wessel - 8 min. - Canada

When an odd boy is confronted by a bully, conflict leads to a grim conclusion.