Director Karl Toft - 5 min. - USA

Trapped in a purgatory between a dream and his waking life, a man comes face to face with his buried darker self.

Sleep Now
Director Pål Gustavsen - 7 min. - Norway

A father is tucking his young son to bed. As the child tries to fall asleep, mysterious events take place, blurring the lines between fiction and reality, and making the boy confront a tragic past.

Director Tobias Björklund Lehto - 2 min. - Sweden 

A woman trying to fall asleep gets interrupted by a presence that hides under her bedsheet.

There's Something in the Silence
Director Mike Castro - 8 min. - USA

Erin's new hearing aids are picking up strange voices she's unable to explain-- today is the day she confronts those voices.

Director Drew Anthony - 8 min. - USA

After finding a mysterious mirror, Dana is haunted by a holiday legend.

Night Terror
Director Dean John Smyth - 2 min. - Australia

A man wakes up to find that he can't move his body. While trying everything he can to move he notices a horrifying entity in his room slowly approaching. He'll need to break out of his sleep paralysis before this night terror consumes him.

​Stranger In The Closet
Director Robert Dill - 5 min. - USA

A man is startled when his girlfriend tells him there is something in the closet. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that things are not as they seem.


Directors Kalev Carrow, Michael Howell - 3 min. - USA

On a restless night, a would-be dreamer is haunted by unshakable regrets.


Director Theo Francocci - 15 min. - USA

When a blackout triggers Stacy’s fear of the darkness, her ex, Mark, rushes to console her, but Mark will force her to face her phobia when Stacy reveals that she can sense demons in the house.

Director Nate Irvin - 3 min. - USA

Exhausted after hosting a Halloween party, a young woman gets a knock at her apartment door from an unknown and otherworldly visitor who comes to mock her.

Night Terror
Director Jeff Verge - 7 min. - USA

John wakes up in the middle of the night and battles between what is real and what is not.

Bad Dreams
Director Tucker Clement - 16 min. - USA

A woman escapes an abusive relationship only to be terrorized by a cult who sucks the life out of her through her dreams.