​Be Quiet
Director Gary Davies - 4 min. - New Zealand 

A young girl is woken in the night by her brother, who believes something is in the house with them.

The Pey
Director Ramone Menon - 9 min. - USA

A social media obsessed teenager is haunted by a terrifying monster after posting a mysterious GIF online.

The Guard Station
Director Matt Zappala - 12 min. - Australia

Michael is a temp security guard that suffers psychological trauma from a car accident in which his partner perished. Taking on a new job in a junkyard where a mysterious sinkhole has opened up he must now confront his fear of fire if he is to survive the night from the deadly, shape shifting creature that has arisen.

Director Alex Greenlee - 24 min. - USA

A troubled Native American foster youth embraces his heritage while confronting the demon of his past.

A Darker Place
Director Rowan Kelley - 7 min. - USA

A soldier within an unknown branch of the military, finds himself trapped in a world with a grotesque creature. Jacobs must decide if hunting this deadly creature is worth risking his life to avenge his fellow soldiers slaughtered just moments earlier or not.

Director Jacob Stauff -  7 min. - USA

Set in 1980's industrial Ukraine, a lone "hunter" is hired to investigate the brutal and unnatural murder of four men.

I'm Here
Director Eddie Frente - 4 min. - USA

The best way to conquer your demons is to face them.

Director Meg Swertlow - 7 min. - USA

Hoping for a quiet night in, an older woman encounters an unwelcome intruder.

​Ignore It
Director Samuel Evenson - 7 min. - USA

A family struggles to live with a malevolent spirit that becomes deadly when it's presence is acknowledged.

​Every 75 minutes
Director Borja A. Ortiz - 7 min. - Spain

While Rachel is waiting for the bus on her way into town, she meets a very special visitor...