The Exortwist
Directors Loren Baskin Almazan, Laura Koval - 3 min. - USA

When a concerned mother notices her daughter exhibiting some strange, healthy behavior she decides to seek out the help from the priest Mr. Holybar.

Director Jorge Corpi - 22 min. - Mexico

Submerged in a dystopia two opposing forces fight for the right to either create or destroy cycles. A look into the relationship between human nature and technology takes you to a journey you won't expect.

The Mechanical Dancer
Director Jenna Jaillet - 13 min. - USA

In a run-down part of town there stands a small theater, owned by an eccentric old man. His spectacle "The Mechanical Dancer" is a sight to behold, although perhaps it has seen better days.

Creatures in My House
Director Ilena Finocchi - 10 min. - USA

The exquisitely handcrafted world in this stop motion animated short, follows a house full of peculiar monsters waking up amuck in this askew home. This quirky and tactile household is full of frenetic energy set off by the morning alarm.

When the Storm Passes
Directors Luke Sarabacha, Benjamin Sarabacha - 8 min. - USA

"Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm of woven paces and of waving hands, and in the hollow oak he lay as dead, and lost to life and use and name and fame. Then crying 'I have made his glory mine, ' and shrieking out 'O fool !' the harlot leapt adown the forest, and the thicket closed behind her, and the forest echo'd 'fool'"...

Director Dongkeun Lee - 8 min. - Korea

Based on an old Korean folktale, a faceless female ghost stalks and steals the face of an unlucky soul.

Director Ian Stewart - 4 min. - USA

The animated retellings of four of the lamest real-life ghost stories ever recorded.

Director Joke Desmaele - 5 min. - Belgium

A boy enters a carnival shooting gallery where he has to learn to shoot wooden dolls...but at the grand finale, he has to shoot a real child...what will he do ?

Monster Encounters
Director James Smith - 1 min. - Germany

Humans encounter various monsters, but each encounter has a consequence.

​Bobby Pinwheel - The Movie
Director Robert Kleinschmidt - 3 min. - USA

Birthday boy Reginald has a special visitor! The mime, mimic and maniac Bobby Pinwheel!

The Dark Odyssey
Director Michael Lavine - 9 min. - USA

A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior, who holds The Inventory of The Mind, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardized.