Director Ilya Polyakov - 9 min. USA
A lonely woman falls in love with her mysterious neighbor, only to learn he has a very deep, dark secret.

Director Mathieu Mégemont - 20 min. France
Joël, a small town journalist, goes to cover a case in the French countryside. When he stops after running over a dog on the road, he finds himself trapped in the stories he usually writes.

Director John-Daniel Arauz - 14 min. Canada
With society on the brink of collapse, state prisoners are sentenced to dangerous labour tasks within the walls of an abandoned city, haunted by phantoms of the past.

Second Life Citizens
Director Neil Willoughby - 5 min. USA
It all started two years ago when people rose from the dead, but aside from a few complexion issues, not much else has changed.

Little Wolf: The Night Trail
Director Jesse Cowan - 9 min. USA
Can a young boy survive the supernatural creatures of the wild with nothing but a bow and his wits? With his clan totem at his side, Little Wolf just might stand a chance.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2020 -  9:00 PM​

Shorts Block #2  - Animals!

Director Maisie Hooper - 2 min. USA
A man finds his nightly routine suddenly interrupted by an unusual home invader.

Director David E. Tolchinsky - 13 min. USA
A policewoman struggles to remember what happened at the old wilson farm, the predicted site of the next murder of a serial killer named Cassandra.

The Pig
Director Simon Sheets - 8 min. USA
A man who acts as a pig in every way, shape, and form, gets what is coming towards him.