Directors Sumire Takamatsu, Jorge Lucas - 10 min. USA
A short horror film following a Japanese-American family whose parents scare their child into finishing her food.

Director Timothy Truesdell - 8 min,. USA
A mom and her son return home to find their front door ajar.

Director Andrew Wynkoop - 8 min. USA
A girl is kidnapped, sparking a statewide Amber Alert. A private detective on the case discovers something sinister has occurred.

Director Jonathan Mordechay - Israel - 14 min. 
Don't wake up the baby who finally fell asleep because things can go wrong beyond imagination.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2020 -  7:20 PM​

Shorts Block #3  - Blood Relatives

Zoom and Gloom
Director Nicholas Jones - 8 min. United Kingdom
After an ill fated trip to a supermarket, Lina returns home with more than toilet roll.

Directors Emily Bowell , Thomas Attwood - 14 min. United Kingdom
A single mother has to regain her strength and courage to rescue her missing daughter after discovering she might be closer than expected.

Director Mairin Hart - 6 min. USA
Matthew has begun having obsessive thoughts about murdering his wife. He has started a trial with a therapist involving virtual reality therapy where he begins exploring these obsessions. As the trials are nearing an end it's revealed that Matthew is starting to blur what is reality and what is fantasy.

Uncle Daddy
Directors Conrad Schapansky, Brad Chornoby - 12 min. Canada
An innocent mushroom foraging adventure goes awry when 3 friends stumble upon a remote family that will do anything to survive and thrive after nuclear testing left them stranded deep in the woods.

The Shallows
Director Martin Thomas - 13 min. Norway
Everybody needs sleep. But sometimes, sleep can be your worst enemy. Who knows what will meet us if we fall asleep.