The Axe and the Iron
Director Matthew Roseman - 11 min. USA
In the midst of a global pandemic, four friends find themselves at the center of an existential crisis.

Live Forever
Director Gustav Egerstedt - 3 min. Sweden
A musical love letter and tribute to the poor victims in horror films that didn’t make it to the sequel. In an anthemic song the dead unite across genres and time.

Director Ariel Zengotita - 10 min.  USA
A reclusive college student is driven mad after picking a booger he can’t flick away.

Make A Wish
Director Dinh Thai - 8 min. USA
A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

And Then He Kissed Me
Director Aaron D Cohen - 14 min. Russian Federation
A young woman excuses herself to the bathroom of her tinder date’s apartment. A failed attempt to extract a whitehead on her face makes a bloody mess, driving her to jump out of the second story bathroom window and embark on a gory journey of self-actualization.

Sleep Tight
Director Lewis Taylor - 8 min. United Kingdom
When a wheelchair-bound teen is put to bed by his overly attached father, he complains about personal space. However, when the lights go out, he'll soon discover that it's not the bed bugs that bite!

Swear Words
Director Duncan Key - 2 min. USA
One lonely astronaut slowly realizing the situation he is in.

Numerus Duó
Director Nick Fiorella - 8 min. USA
A young Catholic school girl encounters foul spirits.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2020 -  10:40 PM​

Shorts Block #9  - Horror Comedy

Green Cobra
Director Sigurd Culhane - 14 min. USA
The genre-bending story of a hit-man…excuse me, “Life Ending Technician,” who details her rise in a mostly male dominated field, which consists of Russian mob clients, disturbing methods of torture, and maybe one too many bad ex-boyfriends.

Director Ryan Irving - 6 min. - Canada
Two women desperately try to escape a stalking axe murderer through a city park. Unfortunately for them their only eye witness isn’t human… and he’s completely useless.

The Popping
Director Shelby Pogue - 2 min.  USA
A popcorn character from the “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” advertisement accidentally runs off his film strip and into the world of the movie playing next, a slasher horror film.