Director Daniel Oramas - 9 min. USA
A young man is forced to face his own concept of "perception v. reality" in a suspenseful, otherworldly short.

Klaus Eats Butterflies
Director Shane Aquino - 6 min. USA
Had anybody known that Molly's DNA code was 14% butterfly, they probably would not have brought Klaus on as a guest seeing as his skin secretes (Z)-9-tetradecenol (Z9-14:OH), hexadecanal (16:Ald ) and 6,10,14-trimethylpentadecan-2-ol (6,10,14-trime-15-2-ol).

Director YiHeng Li - 3 min. USA
Who’s real and who’s the substitute?

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020 -  10:40 PM​

Shorts Block  #6 - Keeping it surReal


Director Gi Gonzales - 5 min. USA
Five kids are approached by a stranger to play Russian Roulette with a twist.

Midnight Snack
Director Luke Roulston -  5 min. United Kingdom
Sit down, relax, and allow your subconscious to become hypnotised by the Biblical droning of a possessed television. We promise to satisfy your hunger, your thirst and your sweet tooth. 

Dark Water
Directors Erin Coates, Anna Nazzari - 15 min. Australia
An exploration of familial trauma and loss through the darkly surreal tale of a woman who discovers an ocean within her house.

Director Carlos Salado - 15 min. Spain
Tono's mother is unusually cruel and authoritarian. His obsession with a woman's voice recorded on cassette and his favorite doll will help him fight out of his mother's control.

Eat Your Heart Out
Director Giovanni Tortorici  - 14 min. USA
Marceline is vegetarian, kind of lonely, and ready for her date with a cannibal.

Director Javier Chavanel - 13 min. Spain
Things get extremely awkward when Borja meets his girlfriend's parents. Then they get deadly.