The Caul
Director Michelle Lang - 6 min. USA
There's something amiss with Layla - but are her troubling visions the result of an overactive imagination or something more sinister?

Mirror Gaze
Director Josh Nadler - 10 min. USA
A grieving mother tries to contact her recently deceased daughter. The result proves scarier than the grief.

Sweet Tooth
Director Blake Studwell - 4 min. USA
A young boy is punished by his health obsessed older sister for eating candy on Halloween.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020 -  7:30 PM
​Shorts Block #4  - Kid Fears

In Her Shoes
Director Ray Kermani - 5 min. Belgium
7-year-old June Kauffman is enchanted by a pair of red children's shoes in a cemetery. The shoes lead her to an old crypt where she faces her worst fears.

The Rougarou
Director Lorraine Caffery - 15 min. USA
A father tells his daughter a cautionary tale to keep her out of trouble.

Unseeing Evil
Director Jaye Adams - 3 min. United Kingdom
Tommy, an adorable young blind boy is awake at night, innocently playing with a sinister demonic entity claiming to be his friend.

Promise You'll Be Quiet
Director Elisee Junior St Preux - 6 min. USA
In 1990, on Halloween, two brothers play a supernatural game that leads to a sinister night they may not survive.

Witches in the Window
Director Nikki Born - 4 min. USA
A poetic glimpse inside the haunted mind of Johnny, a little boy who sees monsters.

My Brother Juan
Director Cristina Martin Barcelona, Maria José Martin Barcelona - 10 min. Spain
Ana tells the psychologist about her family, in particular about her older brother, Juan. But soon, it will be revealed that things are not always exactly what they seem.