The Caul
Director Michelle Lang - 6 min. USA
There's something amiss with Layla - but are her troubling visions the result of an overactive imagination or something more sinister?

Mirror Gaze
Director Josh Nadler - 10 min. USA
A grieving mother tries to contact her recently deceased daughter. The result proves scarier than the grief.

In Her Shoes
Director Ray Kermani - 5 min. Belgium
7-year-old June Kauffman is enchanted by a pair of red children's shoes in a cemetery. The shoes lead her to an old crypt where she faces her worst fears.

The Rougarou
Director Lorraine Caffery - 15 min. USA
A father tells his daughter a cautionary tale to keep her out of trouble.

Unseeing Evil
Director Jaye Adams - 3 min. United Kingdom
Tommy, an adorable young blind boy is awake at night, innocently playing with a sinister demonic entity claiming to be his friend.

Promise You'll Be Quiet
Director Elisee Junior St Preux - 6 min. USA
In 1990, on Halloween, two brothers play a supernatural game that leads to a sinister night they may not survive.

Witches in the Window
Director Nikki Born - 4 min. USA
A poetic glimpse inside the haunted mind of Johnny, a little boy who sees monsters.

My Brother Juan
Director Cristina Martin Barcelona, Maria José Martin Barcelona - 10 min. Spain
Ana tells the psychologist about her family, in particular about her older brother, Juan. But soon, it will be revealed that things are not always exactly what they seem.

Sweet Tooth
Director Blake Studwell - 4 min. USA
A young boy is punished by his health obsessed older sister for eating candy on Halloween.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020 -  7:30 PM
​Shorts Block #4  - Kid Fears