The One
By Nathaniel Irvin - 12 min. -USA

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A young man's random act of kindness invites a demon that no prayer can save him from.

Best Actress
By Sadrak Zmork - 8 min. - Spain

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Candy Lewis just won the award for Best Actress and is giving a heartfelt speech. Soon we will discover the magnitude of her delusions of grandeur.

By Konstantinos Gourgiotis - 5 min. - Greece

A young woman comes home one night and parks her car in the garage. Suddenly there is a blackout and she is trapped in the dark, but she is not alone...

The Other Side
By Kevin Sweeney - 3 min. - USA

A girl goes up to her attic and soon finds out that she's not alone...

Psycho Path
By Daniel Robinette - 12 min. USA

Laurel Rhodes is a backpacking vlogger who specializes in hidden trails and hard-to-reach hikes. After taking a wrong turn on her latest expedition, she stumbles upon an eerie, deserted cabin with strange markings on the wall. Trapped in the dark and rain, Laurel reluctantly decides to spend the night, unaware that a madman is coming with murder on his mind.

Shorts Seven: Devil Inside

Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 7:45 PM

at Synchronicity Theatre

Rear View
By Austin Faust - 2 min. - USA

One late night Dan walks out to his car and is greeted by a ghostly visitor.

Asian She - Competitive Mourning
By Kevin Beauchamp & Mando Lopez - 4 min. - USA

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A man stalks his prey on the streets of Los Angeles, but on this occasion picks the wrong person to mess with.

One in Two People
By Ali Mashayekhi - 8 min. - Canada

Emily is convinced something is in her room waiting to kill her. Maybe there is.

A Devil in God’s Country
By Gary Turner Ivey - 19 min. - USA

Two brothers, Francisco and Miguel, plan to get revenge on Skinny Bill, the man who shot their brother. Just at the moment they could have killed him Skinny Bill escapes and leads the bothers’ into a freak show where they must defend themselves against an evil clown and a bearded lady.

Night Crawl
By Gregory Shultz - 9 min. - USA

Two inmates tunnel through the walls of a hellish prison, only to find something more terrifying than death row.