Re: Possessed Homes
By Matthew Evans Landry - 15 min. - Canada

Shirley Parker is a go-getter, a real-estate godsend, and a keen opportunist; she is not, however, a murderer. After becoming burdened with the title of sole breadwinner for her and her twin children, Pip and Kitty, she discovers a niche market of houses that are an easy sale with a quick once-over. This find provides her with the potential to not only save her family from the hushed murmurings of her pseudo-bourgeoisie neighbours, but also to give her children the upbringing she’s always dreamed of – however, the niche market at hand: possessed homes.

Songs My Mother Taught Me
By Doug Cook - 14 min. - Canada

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After Bobby and Lydia lose their mother to cancer, life becomes a difficult feat, especially for Bobby. In an attempt to cheer her brother up, Lydia throws a Halloween party with a close group of friends. It's on this night that they will discover what they mean to each other and learn an important lesson...the dead should always be left alone.

Cole & Colette
By Matt Boda - 6 min. - USA

Amid a rash of kidnappings, a woman fears someone attempting to break in.

House Hunting
By Patrick Andrew Higgins - 7 min. - USA

Hunters sneak inside our homes to steal our most private moments and anonymously post the video for all the world to see.

La Noria
By Carlos Baena - 12 min. - Spain 

A young boy who loves to draw and build ferris wheels encounters strange creatures that turn his life upside down.

By J. Zachary Thurman - 25 min. - USA

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"Finley" is a cheerfully energetic horror short following the shenanigans of a wooden puppet as he tries to kill a group of college kids who have moved into his house.

Keep Looking
By Brandon Ciarlo - 5 min. - USA

As they move into their new apartment, a couple is confronted with strange happenings in their basement storage room.

Shorts Four: From Inside The House

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