By Matthew Schwartz - 8 min. - USA

Once upon a time, a totally mortal dude was on vacation in Jamaica when he was bitten by a bat that was mad stoned and he was transformed into the dankest creature of the night: DANKULA! Crazy right? Now Dankula prowls the countryside looking to slake his immortal thirst for the bud. Watch out!

Timmy and the Dreamkillers
By Jeremy Berkowitz & Esteban Melean - 5 min. - USA 

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Timmy brings home a girl for the night. Somehow she falls for his awkward charm. That's until things get interrupted by nightmares from his past.

The Last Blockbuster
By Brian Karl Rosenthal - 2 min. USA

A pair of movie geeks must band together with a motley crew of strangers inside one of the last remaining video rental stores and attempt to survive-- perhaps even stop the supernatural apocalypse happening just outside their doors.

My Ghoul
By Andrew Robb - 5 min. - Australia

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Fed up with standing around in corners waiting to scare people, a lonely ghoul decides to leave her desolate damp mansion and go searching suburbia for a man.


By Aaron Barrocas - 16 min. - USA

Two brilliant yet shortsighted scientists find themselves ill-prepared when the experiment of their lives goes horribly right.

Serial Dater
By Michael May - 6 min. - USA

A man has big plans for date night but things don't go as planned.

A Monster Family
By Matthias Hoene - 5 min. - United Kingdom

Esme is a lost little girl who was rescued by a family of monsters. When a Swat team breaks into their lair,  her life is turned upside down, and she is thrust into our world. Now she must decide which life she wants to lead, the life of a quirky outsider, or the life of a 'normal' person in our normal world.

Zombie Goldfish
By Joshua Barnett - 7 min. - USA

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A woman mourns her dead goldfish... until it isn't dead.

Shorts Eight: BUst a Gut Horror Comedy

Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 9:25 PM

at Synchronicity Theatre

Once Bitten…
By Pete Tomkies - 10 min. - United Kingdom

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Martha needs the toilet fixed in her hotel bathroom but there's one problem: her plumber may be a vampire.

Killer Date
By Colton Tran - 14 min. USA

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Quiet and awkward aspiring serial killer, Ed Larson, asks his next target on a date in an attempt to add another notch to his murder belt, but things don't go as planned.